How do you use the BambooStick®?

Photo of a hand holding a BambooStick® cotton bud


Certain dogs, because of their temperament, or simply because of the pain caused by ear infection, cannot bear having their ears cleaned.
If this is the case, do not persist. Consult your vet for advice instead.

Photo of the introduction of cleaning solution into the ear of a dog

1. Hold or have a helper hold the dog’s head and pour few drops of a cleansing liquid into the auditory canal.

Photo of the massage of the dog ear

2. Massage the base of the auditory canal
for about a minute.
If the surroundings allow it, let the dog
shake its head (beware of splashes!).

Photo of the introduction of the BambooStick® into the ear of a dog

3. Use the BambooStick® to absorb the residual liquid, and remove the dirt and secretions stuck to the auricle and the entrance to the auditory canal.

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