Why use the BambooStick®?

An integrated capacity for absorption

The volume of the cotton is twelve times greater than that of a “human” bud, it therefore absorbs twelve times more.

Furthermore, thanks to the unique shape of the Bamboostick® bud, surface contact with the auditory canal is optimised, allowing rapid and complete removal of all secretions present in the folds of the auricle.

Perfectly safe cleaning of the ears

The diameter and the shape of the Bamboostick® bud makes it impossible to get around the shoulder of the auditory canal, and therefore prevents penetration of the deeper portion.
Even for a large dog, the diameter of the inner portion of the auditory canal (close to the eardrum) is tightened, so undesired contact with the eardrum is virtually impossible on a dog while it is awake.

Appreciable time-saving

BambooStick® allows easy and rapid cleaning, without pain.
BambooStick® is ready to use: no preparation time necessary, no tidying up afterwards (no cleaning of instruments).

A special ergonomic design

The bamboo shaft of the BambooStick® is pleasant to manipulate and offers good rigidity, without being breakable.

Incomparable softness

The suppleness and softness of the BambooStick® cotton tip respects the skin and the mucosa of the auditory canal.